1. Leg sweeps: Lay down on your right side head on the head rest getting comfortable place the strap closedt to you on your left foot right leg can stay bent or straight, keep hips square with back lined up straight. Sweep your left leg back towards the platform keeping your leg straight the whole time then sweep it back towards your hips again and repeat.

2. Big leg circles : starting with leg in front of you sweep leg back towards platform then extend towards the ski then back down in front of you again.

3. Reverse: start with leg in front of you extend towards the ski then press straight down towards the floor then back in front of you.

4. Little circles: extend leg straight flex your heel then little circles through your heel keeping the leg lifted 

5. Reverse circles 

6. Side kicks: bend knee into forehead through your flexed heel extend the leg back out in a 45 degree angle and repeat.

7. Knee press outs: place strap over knee then same as side kicks press leg out through the flexed heel at a 45 degree angle 

8. The clam: with strap over knee both knees are bent open and close knees and repeat